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Unfortunately we didn't hit our kickstarter target but came very close! We won't be beaten and will push forward with a plan to bring the Haven Galaxy to life! Check back here or any of our social media channels for updates. Feel free to message us with questions or suggestions and sign up to the newsletter below!

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In this sci-fi strategy card game, take charge of a futuristic Titan and do battle with your friends to claim victory for your faction. Begin by choosing a Titan, then build your deck from over 150 unique cards that represent devastating weaponry, powerful shields and game changing fleet actions, then take the fight to one of dozens of locations from the Haven Galaxy. Using a new game system designed from the ground up, Haven: Titan Command puts you in control of every action of the Titan, where your decisions will result in total victory, or crushing defeat.

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The Factions

At war for control of Haven are four unique factions. With their own rich history, each faction brings into the game mechanics and themes representing their strength's. Tap on the faction symbols below to find out about them!

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After the destruction of Thea, a planet which rivalled Haven's capital Permia, its inhabitants fled aboard salvaged Arcs into Outer Haven and formed new nomadic societies under the umbrella of The Brotherhood of Go'Er. Amalgamating disparate civilisations that have been scorned by The Phalon or those desperately fleeing the expanding Virullas, the Go'Er numbers are growing, as is the territory they now claim. Protected by a military funded by civilisations claiming loyalty, the Go'Er Admiralty oversee all activities of transport, mining and settlement from aboard colossal Arcs and Titan housing Carriers.

Found now in large numbers spread throughout Outer Haven, the Go'Er stand as direct opposition to the oppressive social policies of the Phalon rule. Although generations have passed since the destruction of the idyllic Thea, there are those that still harbour the hatred towards the Council for ordering its destruction and aim to one day return its descendants to prominence within Haven.


In order to bring stability to the Haven Galaxy, a group of technologically advanced planets established the rule of The Phalon Council and designated the seat of power as the Core planet Permia. The Phalon have maintained their dominance over Haven for Epochs using their advantageous position at the centre of the Galaxy, and have been quick to subdue any civilisation which attempts to interfere with their systems of law and order.

Spreading their influence to all corners of Haven, The Phalon have been responsible for bringing many of the known civilisations into general order and establishing a uniform date system, timing metric and currency.

Electing its Council members from the richest and most powerful families of the most influential planets in the Haven Core region helped guarantee the survival of Phalon rule. The Phalon recruit offspring from these same families to serve as Judges, individuals capable of upholding and enforcing Phalon Law in the field, which helps ensure the Phalon reach is as wide and commanding as possible. Fleets consisting of hundreds of vessels with the most advanced weaponry are stationed at all important intersections and territories and are a physical reminder that the Phalon are ready to oppress any opposing force.


Designed by the Mæstai during their voyage across the cosmos, the Ravent are eternal beings tasked with the protection of an ancient network of wormholes which snakes across the entirety of Haven. Threatened with extinction by The Phalon, who desired knowledge and control over the wormholes, the Ravent were forced into an uprising and ultimately war with the self-appointed leaders of Haven. A cataclysmic device destroyed much of the Ravents home planets and scattered what remained throughout Haven.

Now, with the tussle between The Virullas, The Phalon and The Go'Er threatening to tear the galaxy apart, the Ravent are re-emerging from the darkest recesses of space, from parts of Haven long forgotten in order to secure their own survival. Harnessing control of both organic and manufactured materials, and employing a knowledge of the vastness of the galaxy, a Ravent being adapts their survival strategy to match any incoming threat.


Creeping forward with the relentless groan of industry are the unyielding Virullas, a mass of machine helmed by an uncontrollable, corrupt protocol. Commissioned during the war against the Ravent to manufacture and service Titans designed for warfare, Virullas Heavy Industries soon developed into a self sustaining power within Haven. Under the guidance of SONOS, an artificial intelligence capable of independent growth and thought, the Virullas began to conquer systems in order to sustain its ever growing infrastructure and has become a vexatious faction within Haven.

Ever developing its warfare systems through extended analysis of previous battles, the Virullas harness the power of its collective mainframe to systematically shut down any opponent, and in the process upload newly gained information to the SONOS systems for immediate adoption by other Virullas Titans during the battle.


Introducing the four Titans and pilots that feature in the Core Set:

  • Elevas and Tom Winchester - Go'Er
  • Arcasis and Judge Nessos - Phalon
  • Sol and Mak'Te - Ravent
  • Kuno-8 and Alpho - Virullas

More Titans and pilots will be released with each new Epoch, with four reserved to be included in the Core Set upon successful completion of a Kickstarter stretch goal.

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Haven Galametric Map

The Haven Galaxy is full of planets, history and is home to the Go'Er, Phalon, Ravent and Virullas factions. We have created a high resolution map for you to download (23.8mb) and study to learn more about the planets the four factions inhabit. We have also created a more interactive version that you can view here.

Currently only the "Nanak" system is interactive but more systems and planets will be added as the Haven story unfolds.

Using the interactive map you can:

  • Move around the map using the controls included, mouse(grab and move) or touch (touchscreen devices)
  • Zoom in to view systems and planets
  • Click and view information about the Nanak system
  • Within the Nanak system you can click on planet names to view planet history

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Operators Manual

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The Operators Manual is a 30 page full colour guide to Haven: Titan Command. Complete with a full ruleset, guide to the galaxy and introductions to all 4 factions, you can download or view (action depends on browser) it here (48.7mb) or you can view it online (lower resolution) here. If you prefer there is a google drive link here

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This rule booklet gives you all the information required to set up and play a game of Haven: Titan Command. You can view or download (action depends on browser) it here (42mb). You can also view it online here. If you prefer there is a google drive link here

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Our Print & Play files are available free to download. They contain all the cards you need to playtest Haven: Titan Command for yourself. You can view or download it (action depends on browser) here (42mb). If you prefer there is a google drive link here

Our Kickstarter

Unfortunately we didn't hit our target in our last campaign but we hope to be back soon!

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To Go


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Here is a selection of artwork, videos, design notes and more, all relating to the process of making Haven: Titan Command. You can find more via our social media pages.

The Games Knight Team

Danny Fisher, Phil Edkins and James Johnson make the three man team behind Haven: Titan Command, and have been working on the project for almost two years. The aim behind Games Knight is to produce games that we enjoy playing, bringing together our love of sci-fi, fantasy, tv and film. Haven: Titan Command will hopefully be the first of many games, as we look forward to unveiling our card games, board games and more!

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Danny Fisher


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Combining his love of games and writing, Danny was responsible for game mechanics and expanding the Haven lore.


Philip Edkins


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As an engineer, Phil has a keen eye for detail and brings life to the ideas, creating all the graphics, videos and effects you will see.


James Johnson


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If its digital, James has done it, tinkering away behind the scenes with the website and app.


Digital Designers and Artists

Artists / Digital Graphics

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Our fourth team member is dedicated to those that are taking our visions, imaginations and scribbles and turning them into real tangible proffesional artwork. They really bring our game alive!

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Haven App

The Haven App called "ACi" is designed to be used alongside Haven:Titan Command as your score keeper and reference guide. It enables players to play Haven without the use of tokens, making the game much more accessible. It is currently available on Android and soon to be Apple.

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Reference Rules

Stripped down rules for reference, available inside and outside of gameplay.

How to Play

Quick start slides to help you get started.


Futurtistic UI

The main part of the app is the stats for your Titan, that you can edit instead of using physical tokens. This is saved even if you shut down the app or change to another application.

Sounds and Visuals

Custom created sounds and visuals to really bring the game alive.

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Player's Reviews

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Contact Us

Any questions about the game or want to get intouch for any reason to do with our games then please use the contact form below or alternatively contact us by our many social media pages.

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